Support for Multiple Targets


“While this API supports multiple Targets and TargetInstances, at present ZapWorks Studio only supports one Target and one TargetInstance.”

Hoping for new functionality be added that allows more than one Target to be supported for a progressive user experience.

There are 3 approaches that I can think of;

  1. Update the Z Class to expose functions that turn on multi-Target support for the developer
  2. Update Zapworks Studio to support n-number of multi-Targets (perhaps managed through one Target per Group)
  3. Update Zappar app to continuously look for the next ZapCode without user intervention (surely appreciated by wanting Zapbox fans)


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Hi Marc,

This functionality is definitely planned and our implementation ideas are similar to that of yours.

We don’t have a current ETA at the moment but will update this ticket as we make progress :slight_smile:



Any recent update about this feature?


Not at the moment, when we have an update we’ll post it here :slight_smile:

Simple target signs

Since the API says it supports multiple targets but Studio doesn’t, would I be able to write script that would recognize multiple targets?


It would be possible to write a script that would recognise several tracking images, but only one would ever be tracked at any given time.

You would have to write some code that round-robins through targets until one is detected, making sure to add a check in case one is found (to stop the round-robin).

However, once the script starts looking for a new target image, the previous ‘TargetFinder’ will be unloaded, and will no longer be tracked.

Wrap video-plane around cup or cylinder

Hi Seb!
this is very interesting!
A template for this would be gorgeous!
I’m thinking about a “double-face” tracking…




Hi, How are you going with this, would be similar to your approach with the multiple targets used for zapbox?

If the current limitations are due to the Z.admin’s ability to track target images and tracking images, maybe tracking images could go through a similar database as targets and a free account could have a limit of 5 tracking images, unless this is not what is stopping it. It would be great if I only need 1 target to activate multiple tracking images e.g. for a booklet with multiple images similar to Vuforia SDK.

Love your work




Hi @byron.tik,

The limitations are a bit more complex than that, though support for multiple tracking images is something that the team have discussed briefly.

We don’t have any further information to share at this stage but I’ll let you know on this thread if there are any updates.

All the best,