Suggestion: Lights affected by grouping

Hello :slight_smile:

In a future release, would you consider giving the ability to set lights to shine only on 3d objects within the light’s group?

I’ll explain why…

To save lights, I’m finding it useful to use the directional light as a sort of ambient glow, rather than putting low lights in all my low light areas and high lights in the high lit areas.

However, this makes it impossible to create true darkness in the areas where I would like that to happen. Note that in these areas, I would like situations of custom light to happen when approached by the user (ie. programming a flashlight in their hand). So, merely setting an object to black doesn’t create the effect I would like.

If I were able to remove the directional light by removing the object from the directory that contained the directional light, then the situation would be good.

Thanks for reading!