I have some code in my main symbol that disables the main symbol and loads a screen relative subsymbol. The code seems to work perfectly and is as follows:

const ShopList = symbol.symbolDefinitions.ShopList();

parent.on(“pointerdown”, parent_pointerdown);
function parent_pointerdown() {



ShopList.on(“close”, display_parent_symbol);
function display_parent_symbol() {;


I then have code on a close button within the loaded subsymbol that when pressed will reload the main symbol however it will not close the current subsymbol (when pressed I see both symbols). It is unusual as I have used this same code on several projects without issue The code is as follows:

parent.on(“pointerdown”, parent_pointerdown);
function parent_pointerdown() {



I would greatly appreciate your help with this please.



Hi @luke,

From what I can see it looks as though it should work, much like how you believe it should.

Would it be possible for you to send through the ZPP of your project to so we can take a detailed look into this to find a solution.

Look forward to getting to the bottom of this!