Subsymbol and references linking


Ok so I have a subsymbol I’m using and it has references it passes to the main symbol. I would like to make a new subsymbol that would use the first subsymbol. My problem is the reference from it only go to the first subsymbol not all the way back to the main symbol. What is the best way to pass the data from the main to the 2 deep subsymbol?



Hi @stevesanerd,

Thanks for your question, hope you are well!

It is not possible to pass property values from a parent into a subsymbol, only the other way round. For example, you can reference the color property of a plane in a subsymbol to be edited in the parent. But you cannot edit the color properties of a plane placed in the parent from a subsymbol.

You can, however, continue to reference properties through subsymbols an unlimited amount much the same as it is done referencing from one (right click, check reference and name).

If you are using scripting to access custom references, you could utilise subsymbol communication to send the new referenced property value using an exported function.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: