Studio Upload & Publish Slow


Hi there,

I’m finding that uploading + publishing projects from Studio takes a very long time (sometimes an hour) these couple of days - it was fine before yesterday (July 12). My internet is working fine, speed and all - could there be any other reason for this?

Thank you!


Hi @ashlee.fms,

Can you check how big the project size is / final download size?

You might need to optimize some of the assets in your project, you can find more information about how to do that here:

You can also check the final download size and RAM usage of the assets in your project, by clicking on the lighting bolt icon in Studio and heading to the analyse drop-down.

If you are still having delayed / long preview and publish times after optimizing, please let us know.


Hi George,

Thanks for the advice. My final download size was around 25mb - however I imported all my assets into a brand new project and it’s publishing just fine. Perhaps there’s an error in my existing project file that I need to sort out!

Will proceed with the new project and hopefully no hiccups there. Thanks!