Studio: replace image / texture



Sometimes we have to do asset optimization later on in a project. For example, we’re replacing textures with lower res compressed ones. Would be awesome if we could go inside the model symbol (where the pod + materials are populated) and in the media library choose a texture and choose ‘replace’ via right-click menu and then point Studio to a new file that would replace the old one. Key part to this would be updating all related materials to point to the new texture. Doing this by hand for every material feels frustrating, especially when updating a lot of models with many materials.

I hope my ideas make some sense and can help Zappar grow better!

ps. any hints about what has gone into the recent studio updates? (release notes in docs are still in '17 :wink: )


Hi Ero,

Hope you’re well.

The feature requests we receive are extremely valuable, as they help to inform decisions on features we could implement to provide an even better platform for our users.

I’ve passed this one on to the team for them to have a look at.

We love getting feedback from all our users, and your suggestions are always welcome!

In regards to the recent updates they’re nothing exciting unfortunately, the updates simply address a few bugs which were brought to our attention by a few users.



Hey Sebastian,

I just figured out I can right click the symbol which includes the pod and update the textures from there and this will also redirect the existing materials to point at the new textures. I still have to delete the old textures from inside the symbol (unless the new ones have the same names), but this already helps a lot. Awesome!

Perhaps the next step would be to have a user manageable project-wide asset/texture/material library? Could then easily update content everywhere if everything is made up of just symbolic links. :thinking:



The same request also stands for geometry and animation : these are changing very often on a project (so it would be useful to update them easily).



Hi Ero and Alain,

Hope you’re both well!

That’s correct Ero, as you mentioned you can currently replace media files (and their references) but only if they have the same name.

Apologies for not mentioning this.

I still believe that the functionality you’ve suggested, along with Alain’s subsequent expansion on the idea, are great suggestions that would definitely benefit our users.

I’ve updated the internal feature request to reflect Alain’s suggested expansion to the functionality.

Thank you for this guys! :slight_smile:


I recommend you use the image compressor tool on your device before any work…