(Studio) RelativeTo when accidentally setting a node relative to itself


Issue: When the user (usually accidentally) sets a node’s RelativeTo property to itself, the viewport turns black. Undoing the action or changing the RelativeTo property does not resolve the issue.

Affecting: Any open Zapworks Studio windows.

Workaround: Update the RelativeTo property to something other than the node itself, then close out of any open windows of ZWS.

I want to note that this isn’t like, a major issue, but having one accidental click completely freeze your preview is quite disruptive to workflow, as I sometimes have multiple ZWS projects open at once to use for reference, and with the UI getting reset each time you open a project, it means any time I accidentally misclick, I have to spend a decent chunk of time getting re-set-up in my project.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks @biroatlas,

This is a known issue and one we have logged. I’ll bump the bug report and hopefully we can have this fixed in a future release of Studio.

Thanks again.



No problem! I figured it might have been a known issue, but nothing came up as a suggested related topic when I was making the post. Better to have it written down and already known than not written down and never known :wink:


The black viewport of death! I’ve been meaning to try and nail down what triggers it, but it’s a pain when it happens - your viewport goes black across any open Studio windows. Have to hit undo, save and quit and reload (and re-authenticate).

For me it’s happened:

  • when dragging certain (possibly malformed?) meshes from Blender into the hierarchy
  • at one point when in the Character Selection dialog for fonts; if I deselected Alphabetic characters, that project would always cause the BVoD.

… but it’s not consistent, hard to reproduce on demand, as it tends to only happen in my single “big” project, and by the time I’ve got rid of it, I need to get back to work. When I have time I’ll try and find a reliable way of triggering it