Studio AMD Problem?


Hello everyone,

I’m using right now an AMD computer that has this config:

I5 7400 3.00Ghz
8Gb Ram

I don’t know why but Zappar when open a project, show me this message:

I’ve done some tests and nothing changes, it stills not working. Tests like:

  • Change the language;
  • Update the drivers;
  • Format the computer;
  • Uninstall Studio;

Is there anything I can do more to try to fix this problem because I’m needing this computer to work and I can’t let it stopped.

at, Higor.


Hi @higor,

We have seen this problem once before.

Does the PC have an anti-virus or a firewall installed on the system?

The previous solution we found was by disabling the anti-virus when using Studio! For some reason, it blocks the scene preview, but allows everything else to work correctly.

If you could please try disabling the anti-virus when trying to use Studio and see if this allows the system to run the software correctly.

As this may be a recurring problem that other users could run into, would it be possible to let us know the anti-virus that is creating this problem?

Hopefully this solves the issue! :slight_smile:




Hello George,

I’ll do it in a minute and for sure I can let you guys know if was this the problem. Just give me a minute.

att, Higor.


@George I tried here and still the same. What else can I do about it?


Hi @higor,

How strange!

Would it be possible for you to record what is happening and send the video to so we can look into this further!

Could you please also provide the following information:

  1. Studio version. Click on the ‘Lightning bolt > About’ to find your version. If you’re on a version other than the latest, you can download the latest from here.

  2. System OS.

Thank you,



@George I sent the email just a while ago!

att, Higor.