[Studio] A way to display "temp preview IDs" / use a different browser for Preview

I’m on a Mac.

Previewing a project on my desktop is really really hard, because the Zappar Desktop tool/mini-browser doesn’t work with my webcam, unlike all the other browsers on my machine.

It is possible to use my own browser with those temporary Zapcodes, but it’s a pain (see below).

Could you either add a new “launch in default browser” button, or add a clickable link to the preview dialog that pops up when the preview has finished uploading?

Even just displaying the (albeit temporary) deeplink ID for the preview would be better than nothing; it’s easy enough to build a URL from it. Just need to know what that ID is… at least until I learn how to read those Zapcode stripes in my head, which I guess happens naturally when you’ve been in this game long enough

; )

Current method to use Safari on my desktop to preview a project:

  1. I open Safari and go to arweb.app (or beta.zappar.app if I’m in a cutting-edge kinda mood)
  2. Allow camera permissions when asked
  3. The standard “scanning…” graphic comes up. The temporary preview trigger I need to show the webcam is on my screen, though, and my webcam is fixed to my screen. Hmm.
  4. Use my phone to take a photo of the temp preview trigger
  5. Turn the phone round and show the photo of the trigger to my webcam
  6. “Unlocking”…! Yay. I get to see my project preview in Safari, and can use its standard dev tools to analyse things.
  7. Pray I don’t have to do that again for 10 minutes
  8. [later in the evening] Delete 97 photos of temporary triggers from my phone

Have I missed an easier way? Am I being slightly more stupid than usual?