Studio 6 update - world tracking is here

ZapWorks Studio 6 continues Zappar’s mission to democratize the world of augmented reality, bringing the creative community our most versatile, feature-rich AR toolkit ever. Our independent platform is built from the ground-up specifically for designers and developers who want to do more with their creative capabilities, and the team and I are beyond excited to let you get your hands on our most powerful feature set to date.

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Great work guys updating as I type

Orbit control is fab!

Does it update automatically? I’m not seeing it in studio yet.

WOW!!! I love it!!! Just from the little I’ve played with it.
So I maybe jumping the gun here but can I mix world tracking with zapbox?


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Yup it should automatically update. You can click on the version number at the bottom left of the ‘Open’ window to see the progress. If it’s not working for you then you can always download the latest version fresh from

Let us know if that sorts things out :slight_smile:

Thank you for your hard works for this wonderful update.
:smiley: :pray:


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Thanks so much Miri - it’s been a lot of work from the team here but all worth it to see how the community enjoy using it :slight_smile:.

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Of course,but if we have a tutorial here it will be very helpful for us for using it.

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