Studio 6.5


Hey everyone!

Delighted to announce that we’ve just released Studio 6.5 :slight_smile: We’ll have a blog post in due course with lots of details, but I thought it would be nice to let you all see what’s new. It’s available for download or autoupdate straight away.

  • Support for world tracking along with example projects and subsymbols
  • Fancy updated scripting editor
  • Blank symbols can now switch between flat and upright using the 3D view burger menu
  • 3D view shows a skybox by default to make view movement easier to rationalize with your eyes
  • Restored ‘Pan’ view navigation option
  • View navigation tools can be hidden from the 3D view burger menu
  • View navigation tools now never hide behind content, even if it’s renderSorted
  • Option in 3D view burger menu for inverting scroll direction for zoom
  • Targets defined in subsymbols can be seen and moved in the 3D view from parent symbols
  • Improvements to the Analyse Final Download Size window

We’re just putting the finishing touches on our formal release notes and supporting documentation.

Let us know how you get on!


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External library support when? Physics support when?


Hi Marcus,

These are great requests and I don’t want to announce anything at this time but there are some interesting updates coming soon :wink:



Wonderful. Cannot wait to see the world tracking. One question. i am trying to add an event handler in the script and it is not adding. It only inserts local variable.28


Nothing shows up when I create a new project with one of the templates.

Did anyone experience that?


Hi, thanks for the great update!

A heads up tho:

The new world tracking template doesn’t actually maintain a fixed position for the 3D object on my devices (Xiaomi Mi5s with Android 9.0 and Apple iPad Air 12.2). It only shows the 3D object, and tracking doesn’t work. The intro also flickers.

On a iPhone 8 with newest iOS it works fine.

After a bit of research I tried to install ARCore from the playstore on my Mi5s. It states that it isn’t compatible with my device. After installing it from a .apk from the interwebs, the camera in Zappar freezes and the intro is displayed indefinitly.

Interestingly, Zappar didn’t display any of the Error Codes that are coded into WorldTrackingSetup Subsymbol.

I hope my post helps you guys!

All the best


Edit: Just saw both devices are not on the compatible device lists:

This clears it up for me!


Hi Milenne,

It looks like you have dragged a script node (‘Video_Plane_pointerdown’) from the hierarchy.

A script node is not actually visible in the scene and cannot be interacted with, so an event handler cannot be added. Maybe we should hide the ‘Add an event handler’ button to avoid this confusion. :slight_smile:

If you try dragging the Video_Plane node from the hierarchy, you will notice the event handlers that can be added, will become visible when you hover over the button.

@2416b, you can find a list of devices that are compatible with world tracking here:

It’s strange that the error codes did not display, we will take a look into this.

Thanks for all your help!



Thanks for this update.

I tried the World tracking but it is buggy on my Android and iOs devices. Pictures blinking at start then 3d model follow me and don’t stink on any surface. Zappar APP has been updated to last version.

Here are the issues I have with Zapworks Studio (I am using it intensively with 15students for some days):

I also found:

  • “Reset view” is not working anymore, so when the bug with viewing occurs, we are stuck…

  • Main project properties panel is still visible when switching to a subsymbol view, that’s confusing.

  • export .zpp is still buggy, all the old deleted database is still there so filesize increase little by little (some project are > 30mo, and I only have one script inside…). I need to delete all by myself… it take a lot of time.

  • I suggest to add more shortcuts:
    Shortcuts sugestions

  • For the navigation:
    Wireframe mode and key navigation

This software have a great potential, but wouldn’t it be nice to fix things before adding new features?

Thanks for all the work!



Thanks for the feedback - always useful!

Studio 6.5 does include a number of fixes too in addition to the new features, but it’s good to hear about the issues you’re having and I’ll ask the team to take a look straight away :slight_smile:



THanks George
Sorry but I am lost here. I didn’t quite understand what you meant?

I have done this many times… how do I then say: when the video is finished then reset or restart…


Hi Milenne,

Not a problem, I have added some quick videos below that should explain it better.

In your example, the pointer down script relating to the video plane node has been dragged into the new script. As mentioned before, a script node cannot be interacted with, so an event handler cannot be added.

However, a plane object can be interacted with, so dragging that into the script will give the event handler options.

Let me know if that makes more sense. :slight_smile:



once I updated, I can not preview or publish, it starts to go through the process and then disappears without showing the preview code, anyone else?


Issue resolved after I restarted my laptop.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your feedback yesterday on Studio 6.5. We’ve released an update (6.5.11) that addresses the following issues (in particular thanks to @2416b and @MrPropre :+1: ):

  • Updated the World Tracking Ground Placement subsymbol to not flicker during use on non-ARKit / non-ARCore devices.
  • Tick the symbol’s “Show Unsupported Message” option in the world tracking templates so that non-supported devices will show a message indicating that the user can continue but exact world placement won’t be possible.
  • Fix the “Reset view” option in the 3D view burger menu
  • Clear the properties view when navigating between subsymbols
  • Some fixes to the initial tour guide

This update is now available for autoupdate or download from ZapWorks.

Thanks again for letting us know what the pain points are for you - it really helps us improve Studio :blush:. More improvements on the way too…



@MrPropre also fixed the issue where training image failure wouldn’t show the dialog it was supposed to which you reported on another thread :slight_smile:


That’s great @connell, thanks for the great work :slight_smile:


Just to let you know, with 6.5.11 I can still train bad target image ( a chess or even a blank page ) without any message. But Other fixes are nice!


Thanks George. I am trying to create a portal. Any tutorials about that?


Hi Milenne,

We don’t have a tutorial specifically for a portal experience, however, we are creating a showcase inspiration piece for one of our upcoming competitions which will feature a portal and photosphere which will be available to download. As soon as this has been released, I’ll be sure to post a link to it here. :slight_smile: