Storing persistent information across different zapcodes?


Is it possible to store information that is not specific to one zapcode to a user’s device? Sort of a global variable that can be read from and written to by different zappar applications. If not, any plans to add this feature?


According to the documentation about Storing Persistent Data it’s not possible to retrieve data stored in one zapcode from a different zapcode. But maybe you can achieve what you want by using Deep Links.

For example, have one main Zapcode where you store all the information and use Deep Links with query strings to transfer the information you need to and from this Zapcode. So when you press ‘save’ you launch the main Zapcode with the information you want to save in the query string and when you press ‘load’ you launch the main Zapcode which will than automatically launch a new Zapcode using the saved information.

Storing persistent information for multiple Zapcodes would be an awesome feature though!


Ingenious, thanks sgi!