Still don't understand how to import model as one object


I am trying to import from Blender an FBX animated object that is made of several parts - but all I get when importing is something that doesn’t have the characteristics of what I want. I am testing and testing and it still is a mystery. If I want an object to simply rotate in Zappar, how can I have that happen if an object is made of several different parts in Blender? It’s very puzzling…



Hi Peter,
When you import an FBX object, it will appear, in Studio, as a whole object even if it is made from different parts but all the animations made from your 3D software will be accessible in the controller window of your symbol.

If you need a simple rotation, you can also create the animation directly inside Studio. Perhaps faster…

Hope it can help! :slight_smile:


Thanks for responding
I think I’m just having general problems then as my models are appearing as a mess!

Anyway I was also told that you can’t animate 3D models in Zappar - how do you do it? Is there a tutorial?

Thanks again


Well, using controllers and timelines, you can animate the position/rotation/scale of a 3D models as any other 2D elements.
Here, you have a video tutorial about timelines: