Spatial Tracking



I wanted to ask if Spatial Tracking with Zapworks is possible or planned for the future.
The virtual content should be anchored at real objects/spatial points of the world. I would need this application for a natural environment (e.g. a nature reserve) and not for indoor spaces, which makes it even more difficult.

I am grateful for any help and hope I saved this post in the right category.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @larissa.posch, I hope you’re well! :blush:

I’ve responded to your email but I wanted to hop on here as well to give a little bit of information in case anybody else has a similar question/maybe you’ll see this first!

In ZapWorks Studio, we have a type of spacial tracking called world tracking. Studio’s world tracking functionality allows you to position digital content in the user’s real-world environment using anchors.

We have a few templates in Studio but here’s a handy tutorial which is a simple case study. The experience in this tutorial allows a user to place various pieces of furniture in a room. The experience will adapt based on your environment. Please note that world tracking should be launched natively to work as expected.

We also have instant tracking. It uses less complex understandings of the world but does focus on keeping content position consistent based on one camera image to the next. Here’s some information about the differences of this and world tracking.

I really hope this helps and good luck in creating your experiences! :grin:

All the best,