Space Rescue

Hello everyone!

I would like to show you guys the 3D that we’ve been working for a while to use in the Zappar’s competition! Also, we already created a cool tracking for it! I hope you guys like it as we did!

Remembering that criticism are very welcome, all feedback help a little bit.

Att, Team Massfar :smiley:


Great job! Tracking image and 3D model looking cool.

The code says coming soon at the moment, not sure if this is intentional or not.


Love it! The tracking image artwork is awesome


Hey Fabio, loving the look of this entry.

Don’t forget the entry deadline is Wednesday (27th). Make sure you submit your entry through the official form:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Massfar’s team has the pleasure to announce that our project is already uploaded and sent, ready for everybody who wants to test or see it. I hope you guys enjoy and has some fun!

att, Team Massfar :slight_smile:

So I really like the look of it! but I’m having a hard time clicking on things. I try to click on the “click here” but keep getting the sun. I also have a hard time getting in to the photo op.


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Hello @stevesanerd!

Thanks by your feedback. I’ll take a look into this but… Before we release this version of the game, we have done a battery of tests with multiple devices and persons with a real diference of size xD
This wasn’t meant to happen! I’ll try to fix this as well to fit in for everybody use it. Also, I have to say that you have to click on the planet not in the plane ( if this is the problem ) but anyway thanks by the feed again!

att, Higor.

If it help I was using an iphone 5c.


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Okay, okay, thanks stevesanerd! I’ll take a look on it, also we have tested it in several devices btw iphones and androids.

att, Higor.

I have to say that I struggle to save my people! :smile:
A good swivel chair is compulsory for this kind of game!


Hello jvouillon!

Thanks by your feedback, I feel happy that u liked it!

att, Higor :smiley:

Well done. I have to say I struggled selecting mercury a bit too but with some perseverance it worked fine. I loves the selfie piece. Selecting the background and the accessory is a fun interaction. Any chance you could elaborate on how you put that part together a bit more? I would love to do something similar for a conference I’ll be at in a few months. If not no worries. I’ll play around and see what I can come up with. Anyway well done, fun experience.