Some remarks after a week of user experience



  • add a key “k” for adding keyframe at current time (its possible to remove with backspace but not create)

  • allow copy/paste keyframe with usual shortcuts Ctrl+C/V/X

  • Copy/paste keyframe of the start/end “state” in timeline have a right-clic “copy” fonction that does’nt work… and no “paste”function.

  • Right-clic in the red vertical cursor for popup menu doesn’t pop, we need to clic aside which add confusion.

  • Be able to copy/paste the values from one keyframe to another element of same type, or have a “link value” feature!

  • Be able to stretch the entire timeline to a longer time while keeping the same time between keyframes.

Color panels:

  • Color chooser panel needs to press “enter” key 2 times for color validation, which is confusing sometimes. Add an “Ok” button can remove this confusion. (like the “Text” property have but is lacking in color panel)
  • Sliders values don’t go up to max and min properly (stop at 0.98 for ex)

Sketchfab integration:

  • Sometimes Zapworks freeze one step before displaying the model. Sometimes the model report a file size of 0b.
  • filter by size / poly count would be a great and helpful filter. Maybe also an “ideal Zapwork Studio” match filter?

  • filter by animations (+ preview animation)


  • Zapworks studio don’t display preview texture with .mp4, only with ogv. (that’s confusing… at least a “video icon” would be nice to understand what is going on.

  • Export function (zpp): when typing names computer looks frozen, but export names works on validation…

  • When a trained Image fail, we are not notified at all, so we think it’s ok but its not. Very confusing for new users.