Some remarks after a week of user experience



  • Switch at least 3 camera views (Perspective/front/side) with icon/shortcut in the main panel (now they are a bit buried in the “Reset view” menu.

  • Add a simple Wireframe mode

  • Multi object selection in hierarchy with Shift (put object one by one in group is too repetitive)

  • having video preview… to be even more close to a WYSIWYG interface :wink:


  • add a key “k” for adding keyframe at current time (its possible to remove with backspace but not create)

  • allow copy/paste keyframe with usual shortcuts Ctrl+C/V/X

  • copy/paste logic: Now we select a keyframe to copy it, and it will paste not to another keyframe, but at cursor position. It would be nice to be able to paste the content of a selected keyframe to another selected keyframe also, so a “replace” keyframe function (more common user case).

  • Be able to stretch the entire timeline to a longer time while keeping the same time between keyframes.

Color panels:

  • Color chooser panel needs an “Ok” button like the “Text” property have.

Sketchfab integration:

  • Sometimes Zapworks freeze one step before displaying the model.

  • Often, the model reports a file size of 0b…

  • filter by size / poly count would be a great and helpful filter. Maybe also an “ideal Zapwork Studio” match filter to have more successful models on screen for beginners? Or allows search operators

  • filter by animations (+ preview animation)


  • Zapworks studio don’t display preview texture with .mp4, only with ogv. (that’s confusing… at least a “video icon” would be nice to understand what is going on.

  • Export function (zpp): when typing names computer looks frozen in OSX, but export names works on validation.

  • When a trained Image fail, we are not notified at all, so we think it’s ok but its not. Very confusing for new users.

  • Custom references panel is buggy when adding some entries: type validation become a bit slower and suddenly all entries become “integer” or “string” type. Need to delete all and type them again from beginning or changing their name. (Maybe the problem comes from using the same variable name in the references and in the script?)


Studio 6.5