Soft body dynamics possible?


I want to create an AR experience with a 3D waving flag. Is that possible? If so, does anyone know of the best approach to get such a 3D animation into Zappar?


I would look for a 3d model of a flag with animation. I’m sure there’s more then one out there.



Thanks @stevesanerd, that may well be what I wind up doing, but I was hoping to create it myself so as to better understand the platform capabilities and the process involved. I’ve done simple animations with rigid body dynamics but not yet with soft body dynamics, which in many respects is a different animal.


Hi @shot,

Cloth and soft body simulation are not currently supported by Studio. As @stevesanerd mentioned, the best way to get this sort of behaviour would be to create the animation in an external 3D modelling software and import it baked into the model.

Find out more information about 3D model animations here:

If you wanted real time cloth simulation for AR in the web, you could look at using Threejs and integrating the Zappar camera and tracking type of your choice, using the Universal AR SDKs. In turn, creating an example like this in AR and publishing it to ZapWorks.



Thanks for the reply, @George. I don’t need a real-time cloth simulation - but rather, just a simple looping animation. I did manage to create the flag waving simulation, but I learned that baking the sim really bloats the file size (presumably because all the geometry is saved for each frame). I therefore decided to use a static model of the waving flag and animate other aspects of the experience.

But here’s something from my efforts for you to salute…



Looks great!!! Nice job :smiley:

It’s a shame we won’t see it in all its AR glory.