Snapshot a Squared Mask


Is there a way to snapshot a squared mask? I’m building a selfie feature and wanted the snapshot image to be square so the result can be saved and posted to Instagram.

I notice that there’s Z.CameraTexture.CropMode.screen_square but not sure if it’s the right thing to use for that use case.


Hi @hendra.susanto,

Unfortunately snapshots are always taken in the aspect ratio of the device, there is no way to customise the crop area. To get an image ready to be added directly into Instagram, the snapshot will have to be edited in an external software!

Hope this doesn’t cause to much inconvenience.



Hi George,

No problem. I ended up using a Squared Mask that covers the area outside the image with black fills, to help the users know where to crop the resulting image.

Is that something that you will be working on?