Size limit with Embedded Alpha Video?


I have recently completed a project using Alpha Video in Studio.
The first few attempts failed to upload the video. The original video was 103mb.
When I reduced the video size to less than 50mb it worked.
Is there a size limit on mp4 alpha video that can be embedded into a studio project?


Hello @chris2 ,

I don’t know if is there any size limit but I know that the videos embedded on Zapworks Studio has to respect some parameters that you can find trought this link:

And here for a quick read:

P.S: I still suggest that you visit the link to read the full article.

Hope you gotcha! :slight_smile:

att, Higão.


Thank you @higor!

There isn’t a size limit on MP4 Alpha video. Would you be able to send us the video before compression so we can take a look at the issue?

We also recommend you read this article on how to optimise your Zappar experience once you’ve finished developing your experience on Studio.



Thanks Bob,

Yes I had problems uploading the video to the server, Next time I will download the error log and upload the error log to the support forum.

I did succeed the following day using a shorter clip from the video…

Below is the Zap code…


Hi Chris, are you crazy? I use very often alpha videos on Zapworks studio, but as you know the suggested weight of all the experience is about 5 mb! I suggest to use the streaming video player symbol, here is the tutorial:


Thank Eni,
Yes I did see this tutorial when making the experience.
This is my next venture.
I am a beginner so Have a lot to learn…