Sipsmith Work in Progress


Hi @stevesanerd
Thanks for your very helpful and useful guidances.

We say everyone who is very skilled in a field the “king” of …

I will test it and return to you.



Thank you Seyed :slight_smile:


So did that work for you?



Hi @stevesanerd
I hope you are well.
Yes that worked very good( I defined a password as a String 1234 for it) but I need to define more than 100 passwords for many users I want to know what should I do?
Thank you


Ok so your going to need user names and passwords?
Well then unless you what to update the zap code each time you will then need a on line db.
You can still save a passed key on there device.



Hello friend, I am new to this world, I have seen all the files and I liked yours very much to participate, very good job, tell me what did you use to do it? Do you have any advice for someone who wants to do the same?