Sipsmith Competition Rules


Sipsmith Competiton Entry requirements


Use the Sipsmith brand as the theme for the experience
Incorporate some form of world tracked or face tracked experience
Include some level of interactivity for the end user
Be relevant to Sipsmith’s target audience
Be a commercially viable experience - I.e of professional quality, reflective of the
Sipsmith audience and their values, and easily activated and experienced off Sipsmith’s bottlenecks
Include additional concepts and required assets if given
Be built in ZapWorks Studio
Incorporate an age gate function at the start of the experience to ensure users are over 18


Include copyright material or assets not owned by Sipsmith
Misuse the Sipsmith brand in any shape or form
Stray too far away from the branded assets provided
Break advertising standard guidelines for marketing of alcoholic beverages

NB: Entrants should be willing to travel to the Sipsmith distillery in Chiswick, London to complete the experience alongside the Sipsmith team.

Criteria for judging

Submissions will be judged on the quality of the entry and how skillfully the entrant researches and brings the Sipsmith brand to life. The winning entry will be the one that showcases both creative flair and technical ability.

You will not need to submit a fully-formed experience to qualify. For the purpose of the initial round of judging, your project will just need to showcase the key features of your AR experience - you are welcome to use concepts, wireframes and explanatory text to showcase how your experience would progress, given additional time and support from Zappar and Sipsmith.

Your submission will be judged on:

  • A well-defined vision for your AR experience - this does not need to be feature-complete and can include concept work to demonstrate how your work would progress with access to additional time and support
  • The transition between the target image (bottleneck tie) and the environment - world tracked, face tracked or 360 Gryo
  • UX - how well is the experience signposted?
  • UI - how well are UI elements designed?
  • How well the experience tells the Sipsmith brand story (hint do your research into the brand)
  • Entertainment value
  • Educational value
  • Complexity - how far it pushes the ZapWorks feature set
  • Polish - SFX, nice animations, target events
  • Context - demonstrating that the scanning environment of the user is taken into account
  • Assets - the quality of 3D models, 2D images, UI and 360 environments

Bonus points for:

  • Create multiple scenes or environments that the end user can switch between
  • Showcasing the Sipsmith brand in a unique or innovative way
  • Adding tappable hotspots to display additional information
  • Social share functionality
  • Documenting your progress in a WIP (Work In Progress) topic on the ZapWorks forum

Judging panel

Your creations will be judged and critiqued by an assortment of industry professionals from Zappar, Sipsmith and the creative community.


The promoter of this competition is Zappar Limited (“Zappar”). Our correspondence address is Barley Mow Centre, 10 Barley Mow Passage, London W4 4PH. By entering the competition, entrants agree to be bound by these terms & conditions. READ ALL T&C’S

Project assets

ZapWorks Sipsmith AR Creators Competition Competition DOWNLOAD SIPSMITH COMPETITION ASSET PACK

Edit: Download 360 video

Discover where to source additional assets for your competition entry. RESOURCES

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Hi @George
I have a question about the rules:
We have this in the rules :
NB: Entrants should be willing to travel to the Sipsmith distillery in Chiswick, London to complete the experience alongside the Sipsmith team.
It means that such as us them are far from London can’t participate in the competition?
Please guide me.
ARshow Agency


I hoping that we can work remotely or with that 10,000 I can afford to fly there.



Hi @George
I am waiting for you to know about my previous question about competition rules,because we want to know,we begin the experience or no.
ARshow Agency


Hi Miri,

The competition is open to all of our ZapWorks users, regardless of location. However, as per the competition rules, the winner may be required to travel to the Sipsmith offices in London to complete the experience, at their own expense.

We hope this doesn’t put you off this incredible opportunity! :slight_smile:



Awesome,that sounds good :blush:


I have some question about Sipsmith assets.

In the "MUST NOT: " it has
“Include copyright material or assets not owned by Sipsmith”
I understand the not using copyrighted material and that any I use have to be licensed for business use.

My question is about the “assets not owned by Sipsmith”. That to me means I can use any assets Sipsmith owns to make my experience. (IE… Youtube,Facebook or any online assets)

Would that be correct?

Next question is do we have to use all the assets that have been given in the assets pack?
Per the MUST: Include additional concepts and required assets if given, Because with the videos and them being so large they will need to be hosted. Will Sipsmith be hosting them for us?

Last question (for now :smile: ) The bottleneck asset in the pack, is this what will be used or just an example?



Hey @stevesanerd,

Good to see you’re keen on the competition :smiley:

Assets you grab from Sipsmith online should be fine. Remember, the competition is essentially a concept, so final designs may be changed after the competition (the same goes for the bottleneck design).

Additionally, you can use as many of the assets in the asset pack as you’d like, so no need to use them all.

Let us know if you have any other questions.



Thank you Seb.



New question.

I just heard the UK is going to be implementing a new law about recording people’s personal information.

With the age gate if I save a pass or failed flag on the device so next time its scanned the age gate doesn’t have to pop up. Is this ok to do or should I make it pop up every time?



Hi Seb
I hope you have a good journey and congratulations for your last award in US.
I want to know what happens to 360 degrees video of Sipsmith?
It was supposed to give us that video.
Best regards


Hi @seyed.kamali,

It seems there was a mixup with the asset pack. You should be able to download the 360 video here:

We’ll look into updating the asset pack on the website soon.

All the best,


Thanks so much


We would like to use the label in our experience but are having some trouble finding a high quality flat version.
Is there any chance we could get a high quality version from Sipsmith as there’s none in the asset pack either.


Hi @paula.clark,

Heres an Ai file of the label:

Sipsmith-London Dry Gin-70cl-Front (36.3 MB)

Let us know if this is sufficient.



Hi @George,

That is perfect! Thank you.


Thank you George!
Can you get the other labels as well?
And there colored Botanicals that go with all of them?

(ex just left of the bottle. Sipsmith-London-Dry-Gin_WEB%20(1)

Thank you!!!

Ps. There are some missing fonts the one you posted. May we get them or a line to where we can download from?


Hi @stevesanerd,

As this is just a concept project we haven’t been given all the bottle labels.

Please do your best with the London Dry branding and if your experience wins, you will be entitled to all the labels that Sipsmith own!:tropical_drink:

All the best.