Sipsmith Competition Brief


Start: Thursday 9th May
Deadline: Sunday 14th July

To celebrate the launch of ZapWorks Studio 6, we’ve teamed up with gin connoisseurs, Sipsmith to launch a one-off AR competition.

Zappar and Sipsmith are two brands that have very unique approaches to what they create - stand-out products and stand-out content (or ingredients!). Innovation and creativity are at the heart of what we do, and with 2019 being Sipsmith’s 10 year anniversary we could think of no better way to bring their story to life than to challenge the creative community to build a mind-blowing AR experience that embodies the Sipsmith brand and their craftsmanship for superior gin.

Creative challenge

Using face tracking and world tracking in ZapWorks Studio you’ll need to distill the essence of the Sipsmith brand into a short, punchy AR experience that tickles the taste buds and gets people coming back for more.

Activated from a bottleneck tie on their flagship London Dry Gin, you’ll need to think creatively about the context and content of the experience. Be sure to think deeply about the types of environments the campaign will be experienced in as well as ensuring it’s in-line with the Sipsmith brand.

Utilizing Studio 6’s new world tracking and face tracking functionality, you’ll have the ability to create something truly unique - maybe you’ll create an AR portal into the Sipsmith distillery, or create a Sipsmith-themed face filter that incorporates all of the best ingredients and botanicals that make up every Sipsmith gin.

Commercial targets

Target audience

Sipsmith is looking to reach a younger audience of discerning drinkers, aged between 18 - 35 yrs.


To help Sipsmith introduce and engage new audiences, communicating their brand values and story in an engaging manner. (You’ll need to develop your experience with scans and dwell time in mind).

  • Surprise and delight customers post-purchase
  • Add additional value to the Sipsmith brand
  • Engage a younger demographic


  • Scans - the amount of times the experience is accessed
  • Dwell time - the amount of time users spend with the experience

Placement & activation

The winning experience will be activated from a bottleneck tie on Sipsmith’s flagship London Dry Gin, using the free to download Zappar app. The bottleneck tie will be placed on bottles disseminated throughout their UK retail network.

With this in mind entrants should consider:

  • Content - ensure it’s on brand and utilizes the Sipsmith asset pack
  • Context - think about where the experience is likely to be activated (supermarkets, off-licenses etc. )
  • Corporate Responsibility - be sure it adheres to advertising standards for the responsible communication of alcohol to over 18s

Learn more about how to create successful AR campaigns

What should you create?

Sipsmith is challenging you to bring their story to life, in an engaging, innovative and immersive way that enhances their current branding and effectively tells the Sipsmith story.

Example experiences

Here are some example experiences to get you thinking:

  • An animated, face-tracked experience that utilizes the Sipsmith brand (imagine botanicals, Juniper berries animating off someone’s face with a social share mechanic
  • A mini-game experience with a competition mechanic educating users on the Sipsmith gin making process.
  • Gin inspired cocktail experience using existing recipes on the Sipsmith site to blend the perfect hand-crafted cocktail.
  • A world tracked experience, creating a portal into the Sipsmith distillery, allowing users to tour the distillery from their smartphones
  • A 360 VR experience that explores the Sipsmith distillery (hint, we’ve left some 360 assets in the pack towards the bottom of the page)


Not only will the winning entrant receive a cash prize of £10,000 but will also work with Sipsmith on implementing the final experience on their flagship London Dry bottles found in supermarkets across the UK.

1st prize

  • £10,000 cash prize + experience featured on Sipsmith bottles across their retail network
  • ZapBox mixed reality kit
  • A year’s subscription to ZapWorks


  • 5 x finalists will get a half-day AR workshop with Zappar at their HQ in Chiswick.
  • ZapBox mixed reality kit
  • Work shortlisted on / Zap.Works websites

Who is the competition for?

At Zappar we’re always looking to inspire and challenge the creative community, naturally, this means that if you’re an existing ZapWorks user, or completely new to the ZapWorks platform (but have been creating AR experiences in other software) the competition is a great opportunity for you to have your work published and experienced at the highest level.


For the Sipsmith competition, you’ll be required to build experience in ZapWorks Studio, utilizing some of the new features in Studio 6.

  • Experience: Built-in ZapWorks Studio
  • Assets: Your favorite 2D or 3D software


To create your entry Sipsmith have provided a handy brand assets pack. Don’t forget, the final experience will need to be Sipsmith branded so don’t forget to download it!

We have also captured some 360 footage of the iconic Sipsmith distillery in Chiswick, which you are free to leverage in your entry. You can download that right here.

Once you’re ready to submit your entry, you will need to submit it via our online form here. Good luck!


@George the necktag is missing the file “Simplifed-Juniper.png”



Also the Assets pack is missing * Sipsmith video and image assets.

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That sounds good.


Hi Steve, we’ll look into this momentarily.

RE the video assets, the file we had for this was gigantic, so we’re just looking into hosting it externally and then sharing it on the Forum with the community that way :). Will update asap.


Hi @George and @james.wright
I can’t download 360 footage from above link please guide me to download that.

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Hi Miri,

I have updated the link (see below).

Thanks for letting us know and good luck.



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Hi @George
Please help for this problem:
I want to do that when all Planes, Pointerdowns are done when they are all done, then a Plane becomes visible, I wrote this code, but I did not get any result from it.
because when collecting is done in the mini game,a timeline should be played.
it is very important for my project for Sipsmith.
I attached two pictures.
please guide me.



your if statement is executed just once, when your app is loaded. So a simple way, could be to put your if statement in a function and call this function from each pointer down handler.


Is this what your looking for?

Sipsmith plane help.zpp (4.1 KB)


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Due before midnight on July 14th! :sunglasses: