Simultaneous Scans (Instances) of the same App?


Hello, I have a question regarding simultaneous scans.
For business plans, I know the yearly upper limit is 30K scans, but is there a limit to how many scans/instances of the same app that can exist at once?
As a ridiculous scenario, say if an entire stadium of people scanned one zapcode/qrcode at once, would Zappar be able to instance for everybody trying to access the app? Is there an upper limit to simultaneous scans?

(Of course, unless this is not how Zappar works on the backend.)

Thank you.


Hi Sara,

Thanks for getting in touch!

At Zappar we love traffic - it’s the sign of a successful campaign. We taken care to design and build our content delivery infrastructure with high volume, and bursty traffic patterns in mind:

  • All tracking and code scanning is client side; no network communication is required to detect and scan a barcode powered by Zappar technology.
  • All content serving is static and stateless; we use a ‘server-less’ Amazon S3 architecture as the origin for content.
  • Content is cache friendly and geographically distributed; using Amazon’s excellent CloudFront service.

If you’re expecting to exceed the following traffic levels, please let us know as we’ll inform our upstream providers.

For Studio or Designer experiences:

  • Greater than 10,000 requests per second
  • Greater than 10 Gbps of traffic

For ZapWorks-hosted Universal AR experiences:

  • Greater than 7500 request per second
  • Greater than 10 Gbps of traffic