Showcasing AR project

Morning all!

For the past month as a personal project I have been teaching myself augmented reality and with the help of Zapworks Studio I have been able to create 2 outcomes which I am proud of!

The first outcome is a business card which when scanned with Zappar pops up with a rotating 3D model of a skull that I have created using Cinema 4d and two buttons linked to my Instagram account and my website. A screenshot of this can be seen below.


My second outcome is an A2 print of a futuristic design which features both 2d and 3d animation, small parts of interaction with buttons and two buttons linked to my Instagram and website. Below is a digital copy of the design which is scannable. Any feedback and suggestions on these designs would be greatly appreciated as I am constantly editing both to try and improve them!




Hi @Nythim

This looks great! Really enjoyed the spaceship experience :smiley:

Just thought I’d mention a couple of pointers to keep in mind for your next AR projects, if you don’t mind.

The zapcode on the second target image looks like it’s been skewed ever so slightly. While it works fine in this case it’s not something we generally recommend. If a zapcode is modified heavily there’s a high chance that the Zappar app won’t recognise it when you attempt to scan. It’s something we’ve unfortunately seen happen before so it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Secondly, some of the UI buttons appeared below/above the dimensions of my device’s screen. You can remedy this by making use of the relativeTo property mentioned here and here. This will help you to maintain consistency across devices with different resolutions and aspect ratios.

All in all these are some very good looking experiences, can’t wait to see what you create next!

All the best,