Showcase Training - Industrial


This is a project we worked on before lockdown and then we could not share until now. This was an AR experience for training contractors to correctly insulate pipes and also we did a game version for client engagement. Initially, it was made for the iPad with clients’ intention to be present in the training room with the real pipes.
Then we adapted for mobile for remote use due to COVID-19 there was no longer training.
We have also done a VR experience for Oculus Quest.

This is a project by Digital Pop-Ups (Myself) for all the 3D and design and Steve’s a Nerd (here in the forum) who did the coding.

I hope you like it. It was a bit of pain to get all those insulated pieces in the right places though.

Two videos: One for the training and one for the game.




This was fun to make!! :blush:



Wow!!! Looks awesome.


Let’s face Steve Fun and Pain sometimes :-D.

I work with Steve quite a lot and we work well together even across the pond. So, getting the team right is key :wink:


Thanks John. Glad you like it.