Shortest path from STP to POD?


I have some very detailed OBJ and FBX files that appear to be WAY TOO BIG based on suggested limits of 30k polygons, etc. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to go straight from STP to POD and constrain the output to get sub 100k polygons ideally to 30k (for performance) while not destroying the models along the way, I have read the suggested 3D paper with exporting, meshes, testing, etc. This is also why I am focused on going as cleanly as possible to POD.


Hi @brent.ward,

ZapWorks Studio also supports other file types so it’s worth seeing if it’d be easier for you to export to one of those. You can find more information on limitations and recommendations here.

In regards to reducing the poly count, this will depend on the software you’re using. Many 3D software provide a feature that auto-reduces the poly count on a model e.g. decimation master in ZBrush, but the results may vary depending on your model. You will also most likely be required to perform mesh clean-up on the lower poly version produced.

Hope this helps.

All the best,