Sharing Video/Audio from the Zappar App to Social Media


I have an animation and audio which plays great when I scan the Zappar code. The issue I’m having is that I can’t find a way to share the video from the app to my social media platforms. When I try to share my video, the app only gives me an option to save the video as a gif (the audio is removed and animation flow becomes very choppy).

Is it possible to share an animated movie through the app?


Hi @alan.mcarthur,

If you are using Studio, the only recording format functionality that can be saved/shared is GIF. Unfortunately we do not have the capability to record a full video format just yet.

You can however, let the user download the video which will keep the correct audio and the quality of the video but will not be a recording of the device itself.

Hope this helps,


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hi @George ,
So there is no way to record video with the app?
When I used the gif function, it change the proportion of the images recorded
Is there a way to record the exact same proportions from the screen?

Hi @M45 - as George says, this is not functionality that we currently support in-app but it’s certainly on the roadmap for us to look into implementing in the future.

In the meantime, beyond the gif function, if you’re using an iPhone you could use the screen recording function to keep the proportions the same (or a third party app that offers similar functionality).

Let us know how you get on. Always great to see what our community is creating, so be sure to share any recordings you make with us :blush:!

Hi there is there still no option to record a video of the animation live? this was in 2018 you said that might be the option to do so. Thankyou