Sharing analytics with clients



I am sure that I saw a discussion about sharing a Zapalytics page with a client, but of course now that I want to do it I can’t remember where I read it or how to do it.

Anyone got the answer?




Hi Paddy
Maybe this link can help you:
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Hi Miri,

Thanks very much for this; very useful.

I see that I can customised the permissions to limit access to only zapalytics; is there a way of restricting that further to only one project/group?




You are welcome
I think this feature does not exist but you can ask @james.wright for this.



Hi Paddy,

So similar to what to Miri laid out, you can certainly invite people and then restrict them to having access only to Zapalytics (as described in this documentation)..

However, if I understand your needs correctly, you wouldn’t then be able to amend those permissions on a per-project basis e.g. if you have an account with four zapcodes, those permissions would be consistent for all of those four, you couldn’t say ‘zapalytics only access for zapcode one and two’, I’m afraid.

From talking in the office, one potential workaround is simply not to invite the client to your account, download the Zapalytics data as a CSV and then share that file with them directly. It wouldn’t be real-time stats, but you could potentially share that data manually with them on a weekly or daily basis perhaps?


Hi James (thanks @seyed.kamali)

Yes sounds like the simplest will be to do the weekly update either as a csv or put together a comms doc.




This would be a very much appreciated feature. Can anyone from Zappar tell me if this is something that is on the roadmap?