Setting alpha for dynamically-created text background


I am trying to dynamically create a plane and a text over it, but the dynamic text does not work the same way as static texts do. It seems unable to set its background alpha to transparent, and so it shows a “hole”:

My script is very simple:

I tried to change the alpha channel value of the color, I played with blending and drawing precedence, I tried seemingly all that could impact this behaviour without luck.

Can you please advice?

I also attach this simple test case ZPP.


TestPlaneDynamicCreation.zpp (93.1 KB)


Bump! Really nobody knows this one?


Hi @produzione,

I’ve just replied directly to you via the support channel.

Looks like setting the text layermode to overlay and also adding to the hierarchy before the plane will do the trick.

Attached is the working version - TestPlaneDynamicCreationSupport.zpp (93.1 KB)