Sequence of objects following a Bezier line


Is there any way to create a sequence of objects that follow a bezier line?
For example a chain of objects that follow a bezier line perfectly looped and not overlaying each other.

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Hello @franc

I don’t know if we are talking about the same thing but… You mean something like this?


There are 3 planes, one in front of the other, without masking or overlayering, all placed in a straight bezier line.

If it’s well, this will depends a lot of what kinda of objects are you trying to use, if they are images, solid 3ds or even photospheres but at all yeah, it is possible! If you give an ideia about what kinda of object is, makes easier to think about!

att, Higão.

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Hey @franc,

What you could do is add your nodes to a group and position them at the required distance (and rotate if necessary). Once those are set up, then you can make the group (rather than the individual nodes) relative to the bezier so that it follows the path.

I’ve attached a basic example here for you to take a closer look at, hope it helps.

multipleObjectsOnBezier.zpp (363.7 KB)

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