Send to back inconsistency in Designer


I’m working on a project that has an image file, overlaying the tracking image in a scene. On top of that image, i have put a series of buttons.

If i select the image file (that covers my tracking image) and select “send to back”, the scene looks correct (buttons overlayed on the image). However, when i do a preview, or publish and view, it seems random that some buttons appear on top of the image (as intended) and some appear under the image.

I’ve played around with bringing the buttons to front, sending the image to the rear and it is inconsistent. I’ve deleted the back ground image, etc., with similar results.

Any thoughts how i can get the layering to work more consistently? Is there only one order of operations that is correct?


Hi there,

Just letting you know that we’re working on resolving this issue and will get back to you as soon as we have an update.

If you select an object and send to back, bring to front, send backwards or bring forwards, the most recent object you change will not be reflected, but the changes you’ve made on other objects before it will be reflected. Be sure to refresh your page to see whether changes have applied properly.

Alternatively, I’d recommend you give Studio a try.

All the best,


Hey Bob -
Thanks for the response. Is there a doc / video on the expected behavior for these functions? It seems to be a bit of a guessing game where the new objects land in the layers. I do a refresh of the page and the object i recently brought to front, is trapped somewhere in the layers. That is expected?

Even if i can get the refresh view to represent what i’d like when i preview / publish, the results are not consistent. I have one project where the buttons appear hidden / trapped in designer, but when i scan in preview or publish mode, the buttons are on top of the image.

If there is a consistent approach, i’m ok with the behavior but seem to spend quite a bit of time in trial-and-error testing to get it function as expected.

The main work i’m doing is adding a background image, then adding buttons that i want to be on top of that image. I’ve tried adding the image and then adding all my buttons after and sending the image to back and bringing buttons to the front and the inverse as well (adding all my buttons, then my background image and sending to back) but have not found a consistent approach.

Looking forward to further info / fix to make this a consistent experience.