Send image to server and email notificaiton


Good morning all,

I come to you because after several hours of research, I do not find you how to solve my problem.
I am looking for a solution to send an image (made from a snapshot) to a server, and send a notification email.

I am reading the documentation on the scripting part, but I can not find which method to use.
Can you help me ?

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Hi all,

How we could send an object of type TextureImage via a POST request with Z.Ajax. Would you have an idea?

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I was playing with photo sharing a bit. You can send it via email on a android. Dont know if that help you any.



Thank you Steve for your answer.

I do not think that’s enough for our case.

Once the photo capture is taken (for application face tracking), the user is redirected to a website to view the photo taken and indicate these contact details (address, street, city, zip, etc.).

Then we will use this contact information to send a paper postcard, with the photo taken from the application.

The tracks I’m following are Z.Ajax and TextureImage, is this the right way?

Thanks a lot for your help!



For the data part you can use Z.Ajax but I don’t know if you can use it to upload a photo. @Bob, @Seb and @George can we push a photo to a site?

There is a post from Seb about something like this Post

I would like to know as well guys. (@Seb, @George, @Bob I have a project I would like to upload a photo to a website. and later pull it from the site as well.



Hello everyone,

Do you have any idea of how I could send an image (taken via a snapshot) with an Ajax request?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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So I emailed the guys and was told we can’t yet but to keep an eye out for big news coming soon.