Semi-Transparent Box Issue


Has anyone else had this issue? I get this semi-transparent box sometimes when I’m creating. I looked through my hierarchy and I have both planes in my experience completely transparent. It happened when I was working on the World Tracking template and it happened when I did the archery game a while back. I’m sure it’s something I did or did not do I just can’t figure out what. Any thoughts?


So immediately after I post I figure it out. It was the target manipulator symbol I added. It’s set to 20% by default and I had to go into the symbol to adjust.


Hi there…could I trouble you to explain what you mean by “Go into the symbol”? My hotspot alpha is set to zero but the box remains…!


Whoops! Found it, but I’ll add it here for anyone else. I had to double click the target manipulator in the symbol definitions window to change its opacity there.


I had this issue in three projects and was going crazy trying to figure it out. It’s the little things :upside_down_face:


Ah! So glad you figured it out - thanks for sharing your findings for anyone else in a similar position!