Scroll bug at Video Properties


Hi there, it seems that there is a scroll bug when having a video in the hierarchy selected, which hinders selecting a source, if there are too many other properties opened. Collapsing one of them, so that there is enough space left for the properties panel allows selecting a video source, but opening it again will hide the video property. The scrollbar seems to be at the bottom, but you can see that there is something more. zapworks_bug_scroll_properties See attached screen.


Yea I have had that happen a lot. It’s a pain.
Also of you try to drag in something to your scrip it jumps to the top sometimes.



Thanks for reporting this @vollrath, that’s some great detective work!

I’ve made a note to our platform team who will look into fixing this. Have you only noticed this when selected on the video node or are there others?



It happens only with video nodes, which made me curious why - all other nodes (haven’t tested them all) seem to work as expected.
Btw I wonder why there’s no bug section into this forum where we can report bugs? Is there a hidden way to report them, @George?