Script jams zap code unlocking


There are 3 ways that I can do this reliably:
1-Create an empty project, create a new empty script under root. Don’t type anything on the script, leave it empty. Try to preview, the zap code unlocking gets stuck.
2-Create an empty project, create a script that exports something, a variable for example. Now create a script that uses the exported variable, but place the latter above the former in the hierarchy. Zap Code unlocking gets stuck. It either loads everything but the word “unlocking” stays there forever or the loading bar never finishes. This shouldn’t be the case since the editor allows you to reference any node on any script, so even if the export comes later on the hierarchy, ZapWorks should know about it.
3-Call any method without parenthesis, the method children of a group for example. No warning, no error that you’re not using parenthesis, zap code unlocking just gets stuck.


Hi @marks,

It seems as though these are causing compile errors, preventing the experience from launching when scanned.

This is due to the way JavaScript handles these (TypeScript code from Studio is compiled to JavaScript), but we’ll look into it.

I’ve notified the team of the issue and will get back to you once I have an update.

All the best,


I just encountered the following…

…so thanks for posting this, or I could have squandered a lot of time tring to figure out what was wrong. Turns out I had simply commented out the code in a root level script; so I just deleted that script, and everything works.

It’s been over 2 years since this post, so either the issue was never fixed, or it’s resurfaced.


Never fixed as far as I know.