Script for game


Hi, guys, I’m very new at this. Sorry if this has been talked about already.

Does anyone know how the Halloween game was made?? It’s very cool and would love to learn how to create something like this.

Thanks for your answers…



sorry i meant this game…


You mean my Jack’s hide and seek game?
Yeah I know how it’s made. :blush:
What would you like to know?



Hi @andrew2,

Jack’s Hide ‘n’ Seek was created by @stevesanerd for our competition last year!

This experience was developed using 360 photospheres to create the surrounding scene. Along with 3D models and buttons for the interaction of the pumpkins.

Following along with the 360 photospheres tutorial will be a great place to start! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.



thank you for your answers


Hi stevesanerd

if you could please give me a few pointers it would be helpful



Like George said it’s a 360 photosphere with a 3d model. I have the model position in a timeline and when you click on him he moves to the next time spot on the timeline.

If they is something more you would like to know just ask.



thanks steve