Screen Printed t-shirt


Hello, has anyone had any luck with screen printing a zap code on a t-shirt?

I had a shirt printed with the zap code and have not had any luck getting it to work. I have matched up the zap code on the t-shirt with one printed on paper and they match.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hi! We’ve certainly done some projects in-house with Zapcodes on t-shirts, such as our Royal T collaboration, so we’ve definitely had them work out well before:

One of our support team will be able to give you some pointers on best practice and the way we went about it, will make sure someone gets back in touch with you with some tips :).


Thank you very much for sharing. Great Animated T-shirt.

I look forward to talking with the support team on this.

Have a great day!


I used a T-shirt with a fairly large design and no zapcode and got great tracking. It’s a fun application!


Hi @mecostanza,

Much like @james.wright kindly mentioned, we have projects in the past that have been printed on t-shirts.

As long as the target on the t-shirt abides by our key rules of what makes a good tracking image then all should work perfectly fine.

Please bear in mind that t-shirts can sometimes flap and overlap making the target image invalid and the tracking not work. What we would suggest is to have a not seen target state which either changes the assets in the scene to screen relative or gives a hint to straighten out the t-shirt and look back at the target. More information on how this can be achieved can be found on our Co-ordinate Systems documentation or at this forum post -

Please feel free to show us how the final version turns out by posting it on our show and tell page of the forum.

Hope this helps,


Thank you very much! I will watch and read the documents! Have a great day and Thank you again for directing me forward!!


Thank you!


No trouble at all @mecostanza, let us know how you get on!


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