Screen Cast Zappar App Live to another screen


We need to screencast the Zappar app from a tablet to a big screen while it is being used. We’ve managed to do this but only trouble is that the Zappar app doesn’t physically rotate, its the content that does. So whatever is being cast always appears in portrait mode.

Is there anyway round this? We need to demonstrate it in landscape mode.


Is there a reason the screen case needs to be live? Could you take a screen recording on the tablet performing the functions you want to show off, rotate the video afterwards, and then play the video on a large screen?


It’s being shown at a tradeshow where the users will be approaching and interacting with the AR on an exhibition stand. Above this will sit the big screen so other viewers can see what is happening. Due to some show rules still include the 2m distance due to covid, this is why we need to show it on the big screen.

Any help to solve this would be appreciated

WebAR is the only solution…
We had the same issue. I have built an involved AR Virtual Exhibit for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission that is used in all the MA casinos. Client wanted to use a large monitor so more people could view what they were doing.

We found all types of workarounds to get the AR on the large monitor, but use always ended up with the same problem as you have.

Our solution: we built a WebAR version and then streamed the WebAR version through the browser to the large monitor.