Scan stops


I created a zappar code but when I zap it the progress bar stops in the middle and does not proceed. What could be wrong? Is it possible that I print a zappar code on a magazine and in a few days it will not work?


Hi @ekousouri,

This happens when there is an error when the project is compiled so crashes when trying to initiate.

Errors can sometimes occur when there is an issue with code. Having empty scripts can cause experience breaking errors along with not closing parenthesis.

It could also be to do with the size of the experience. Check out our documentation on Optimising your Experience to find out the file size of the project (we recommend under 5MB).

It is hard to say exactly what could be causing this issue for your specific experience without taking a look at it.

If the problem still occurs, please feel free to send the ZPP file to the support team at -




I have had that happen to me a lot. I would run it in the zapper PC then open debugging to see if there is any errors.

Ps. You will get one or two errors about the program. Look at the last error should be the one stopping things.