Save image to device


Hi there!

I was wondering if someone is able to save what we put on the Zap code to their device? We want to have the image appear when they Zap the code and then be able to save that image. Alternatively, we would have a PDF linked to our website and then used the link option in the Zap code. We are then hoping that whoever zaps the code will then be able to save the pdf to their device.

Is this possible?

Let me know!

Many thanks,


Hello Lisa,

With Studio, you can set an image that is hosted online to be saved to a user’s device. To do so, you will need to use the saveToDevice() function. However, if the image is not hosted online, this won’t work since embedded images can’t be saved to a device at the moment with Studio.

As per the PDF file, if it’s hosted inline and you have a URL for it, you can create a button in Studio and set its pointerdown script to launch the URL, as described in the Creating Buttons article.

Let us know if you have any questions,