Run AR in browser- Any plan?



First of all zappar app is really wonderful but I am curious to know, do you have any plan to experience AR in browser itself ( without app).


USDZ files on IOS will do that for 3D objects


Hi @somnath678, appreciate the kind words and really glad you like the app!

Experiencing AR in-browser (or Web AR) is certainly something our team have been experimenting with. Our CTO Connell gave a presentation about it at our recent meetup event, and you can see his thoughts on Web AR on our blog:

Here’s a quote from there about Web AR…

"…while browser-based experiences could mean faster turnaround times without the hassle of the app submission process, Connell pointed out that browsers only expose a limited amount of device functionality to websites, and web applications tend to be slower than native applications. Fundamentally, this is still a very young area of web technology which has yet to be properly road tested.

So while Zappar are definitely excited by the possibilities, we’re very much considering it to be a ‘beta’ technology while browser support continues to improve. But as part of our road map, our team are confident that WebAR has the potential to be a first class delivery platform for ZapWorks content in future. And with our democratization of AR mindset in place, we’ll be seeking to ensure all ZapWorks content will run in the common browsers already running on users’ devices when the time comes."

So :eyes: ! We’ll keep the community updated once we have more information to share :).


Than you Zappar team,It will be a wonderful feature for AR.