Reusing already generated zapcodes

If your changing a target image for your AR product - can you still reuse a zapcode by overwriting the previous upload or will a new zapcode need to be generated because of the new target image?

Say I am creating an augmented book cover - ive already created v1 but client wants to change the target image to a v2 for the final delivery - which will then go to printing. Can i publish and override the new zapstudio work to the same Zapcode - or because of the new target image will a new zapcode be generated - even though i wont be needing v1 anymore? The reason this matters is because i will need to print the zapcode with the book and need to know if i am able to use the previous zapcode.

You can reuse the same zapcode for any project by publishing over the existing experience, so updating the tracking image should be of no issue :slight_smile:
The project on the CMS (i.e. the browser portion) is separate from the project in Designer/Studio/Universal AR, you can overwrite a project as often as you need to.


thanks for the knowledge! cheers

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