[request] Make UniversalAR compatible with URP

Just now I tried to upgrade the Image Tracking 3D Animation example(the example that was updated today, so it’s not outdated) to use the URP, but this is what happened when I ran the example(yes, it was working with the standard pipeline, this is a specific issue with URP):


I would like to ask to make the UAR compatible with URP, at least for WebGL builds. The reason I ask for this is because the URP increases performance dramatically on webgl builds, and it’s essential for slower phones. I know this from experience. On my samsung s8 the example scene runs really slow, but I am sure that if I was able to use URP it would become normal, like it happened before. I was told that it runs super smooth on S10 and on ios 14 it runs super smooth as well from my tests, but clients won’t accept this if it doesn’t run smoothly on lower end devices as well. URP can make slower end devices run webgl builds smoothly, or at least increase performance dramatically, so it can make all the difference. Thank you for your time!

It seems that this still wasn’t fixed

Got it working. Acceptable performance with URP, this is great!

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