Rename Project Bug


Hello guys,

Don’t know if anyone noticed this but if you select a node and then click in the pen icon to rename instead of click on rename option, this will occurs:


This little popup will appear and load:


After load it will show lots and lots of nodes names and to close you it you’ll have to close all this popups (something btw 15 - 35):


I tested it in 4 diferent computers and all of then result in the same.

att, Higão.


Hi @higor,

Thanks for letting us know. This is something we are aware of and has already fixed, we are just waiting to release the update! :smiley:

The issue occurred when clicking the rename button because we were trying to change every node in the Hierarchy. With the update, the rename button will only change the name of the node selected.

Hope this helps and thanks again.



Thank you George!

att, Higão.