Removing Share button from photo feature


Is it possible to remove the SHARE button from the Photo Feature. Client only wants to be able to save it but no sharing.

Thank you! :wink:


I don’t think so. From what I have read that part of it is hard coded.



Thanks Steve. THe client is not happy with the fact that we have to put the date of birth, but that is now to comply with regulations really… I believe


Hello @digitalpopups,

Actually yes, it’s possible to remove the share button. Just do this:


parent.on("show", () => {
    // Make sure we start from fully hidden
    // Move to the shown state


Hope this helps you,

att, Higão.


Didn’t know that! Thanks!

Birthdate? I haven’t seen that yet.



Oh Yes! It worked! Thanks Igao.
Fantastic :wink:


Yes, Steve. I believe it is country sensitive. We didn’t have it before but at least here in the UK it asks for our date of birth and country when you want to share you photo in photofeature.