Release Claw Demo project


Would it be possible to release the claw demo project? its such a good project to use as jumping off point with the controllers and triggers grabbing items.

Edit: I aware of the ZapboxTriggerExample.zpp (ZapBox 2.0 and Controller Sliders in ZapWorks Studio ver 5),
but I hoping for a demo project that illustrates grabbing an object with the trigger.


I 2nd that!!



I love that demo too. That content shows that it is possible to do with triggers and TriggerRegions, but the required coordinate system transformations are not particularly easy to explain or to map to our current “position, scale, 3-axis rotation” parameters. The xylophone example where the stick changes from being relativeTo controller to relativeTo world covers similar ground.

There are some improvements in TriggerRegion coming in the next app build, mainly around removing the frame delay when your trigger is on the controller and the TriggerRegion is on the world. I’m also thinking about adding in some more useful utilities for these full coordinate system conversions that are required, and then I had that content in mind as something that could be re-written to use that new functionality to demonstrate how easy that would make those kinds of demos.

Until then I’ll see if we can share the current zpp, but I didn’t write it so I’ll need to catch up with the author of that one and see how they are to share it in its current state.