relativeTo does not inherit color property


Issue: The color of a node is one of the properties that is affected by its parent’s color. This behavior does not happen when you use the relativeTo property instead of placing the node directly under the parent. See relativeToColorIssue_cleaned.zpp (1.8 KB).

Affecting: Zapworks Studio

Workaround: If the node is supposed to have just one parent, place it directly under the parent node instead of using the relativeTo property. If the node can have multiple parents, use relativeTo but ignore the parent’s color and set the color of the child directly.

Subsymbol or node inheriting parent appearance aspects (or not)

Thanks for the report.

This one is as-designed - relativeTo is really only about the transform, other inherited properties come from the parent as usual.

The idea of relativeTo is that you can weight the impact of multiple transformations to smoothly transition from one parent to another - useful for moving content from a target to the screen when the target goes out-of-view for instance.

Not all properties would really support that weighted combination (enums are one example), so relativeTo isn’t the same thing as having multiple weighted parents, it’s a distinct concept.