Recorded GIF on iOS cannot be saved(?)



For a project I’m using Z.device.gif to record a GIF. On Android I can save (or share) the recorded GIF to my gallery. But I’m not able to save the recorded GIF on iOS.

Is there a way to save the GIF to the iOS gallery?



Device OS recognition

Hi @dvdkamp,

The GIF recording functionality was created before iOS devices supported GIF files in their gallery, so this seems like a result of that.

I’ve passed this on to the team and will let you know when we have some more information.

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Thanks @Seb. Much appreciated!


Any updates on this @Seb?


I was just going to ask as well @Seb
2ns question is there a way to know what kind of device is being used? Like apple or android?



Hey guys,

We don’t currently have any updates to share on this unfortunately. We’ll let you know once we have an estimated timeframe or relevant update.

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Thanks @Seb but what about my 2nd half of the question?
Is there a way in zappar to know what device is running the experience. That way I could only show a video button on android devices.



Hey @stevesanerd,

Apologies, been on a bit of a spree this morning and must have missed that second bit.

One of our devs has shared the following snippet to check the OS the experience is running on:

export let isAndroid = false;
    declare let navigator;
    const CONTAINS_ANDROID = /android/i;
        isAndroid = CONTAINS_ANDROID.test((<string>navigator.userAgent).toLowerCase());

Depending on the value of isAndroid you can choose to enable/disable your option.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you!!
No problem I know how things get.
Hoping your guys are so busy because your just about to announce Sipsmith winners!! :wink: