Ready Player Me avatars in Studios?

Is there a way to get Ready Play Me avatars to work inside studio? I want to animate it with Mixamo as well, and I know it;s possible in Designer but I’m far more comfortable in Studio. Any tips?

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Hey Abiro, should certainly be possible. Have you tried exporting the model as an FBX from blender? That should be the only change you need to make from the Designer tutorial that it sounds like you have seen.

When I tried to import an FBX, this is what appeared on screen:

I’m trying to have an animated model stand on top of a business card, so I had followed the tutorial to get the model from ready player me into studio and kept running into this issue. OBJ had issues as well

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Hi abiro!
I tried to make it, and this message appeared, but the model works fine and the animation too.
See the example attached…
Send me the .gbl file if you want, and I’ll try to import it.
Swing Dancing.zpp (5.5 MB)

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This should have my animated model as a glb file! (6.0 MB)

Here it is…
model.zpp (5.6 MB)