Read Alouds for Kids


Hello! I am trying to create a section of Read Alouds in our library where students can scan the zapcode and have the story read to them by a teacher. I have tried using each page as a tracking image, but it got to be too big. The next thing I tried was just one single audio clip that tells kids when to turn the pages while reading, but I want it to be a bit more interactive. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas to do this while keeping the size down to something that would scan more quickly. Thanks!


Hi @awall,

If you’d like the experience to be more interactive, our Studio tool supports animated 3D models, and allows you to play these 3D animations tracked to the tracking image.

If the 3D model and audio used have been optimised, the size of the experience can be kept relatively low.

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Apologies in advance, but I would call myself a very strong noob to all of this, so what do you mean by optimized? Amy suggestions on software etc. to create models with animations? Thanks!


Hey @awall,

Essentially, optimisation is the process of reducing the size of your files as much as possible, while maintaining an acceptable level of quality. This is part of a larger topic involving encoding methods, file formats etc.

Most software let you perform some basic optimisation when exporting a file, whether through resolution settings, image/audio quality etc.

AutoDesk Maya and 3DS Max are two of the more popular paid-for 3D softwares. Blender is one of the better supported free 3D softwares. All three of these allow you to create and animate your 3D model.

Hope this helps.

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